Sunday, October 18th, 2009...11:59 pm

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

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  • I guess I’m a more demanding owner than @barrylukens — or maybe abusive is the right word? #
  • You’re welcome @kbhave — I hope my horrendous accent didn’t ruin it. ;) #
  • I guess this makes me an Arrogant Bastard. #
  • Make that 52 hours in a four-day week. The wife is livid. :( #
  • Shubh Diwali! #
  • took Monday off and still worked a 50 hour week. Now where’d my family go? #
  • @chrissarmstrong ok, it double posted here, and did nothing on twitter or facebook #
  • and finally Shabba Ranks turns a cold and rainy fall workday into a hot and steamy tropical holiday #
  • has now been initiated into the four-finger salute. will Microsoft one-up Apple with a five-finger salute? #
  • make that 4 BSODs in one day. all right all right! zapping the PRAM #
  • tis the season for infant ear infections. fa la la la la #
  • this macbook is BSODing a couple of times a day now. do these things not age well? #
  • 1 bar magically became 5 bars while I was in the waiting room. Maybe today is going to be a better day? #
  • needs to be up in 4 hours. so far, 3 hours of tossing and turning hasn’t helped. #
  • working since 7am but still need to hunt down a photo of a whiteboard sketch I took 4 months ago #

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