Sunday, May 24th, 2009...11:59 pm

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

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  • is going to the country. Gonna eat a lot of peaches. #
  • Kids finally napping. Watching the Governator 3. #
  • Streaming internet radio in your pocket is like a vacation within a family vacation. #
  • The only thing scarier than my wife’s driving is my wife’s driving when she’s trying to follow her twin sister through back country roads. #
  • “Wings of Fire Church” is an honest to goodness church. Not a restaurant. #
  • at Red Top Mountain State Park #
  • Finally heading out at nearly noon. Too many kids in tow. #
  • @kbhave Yeah, maybe I’ve finally found a team where I’ll be able to actually use all that vacation time. #
  • thinks it’s a crime that Thomas’ is allowed to call these bread balls “Bagels” #
  • Thank you, slow traffic, for keeping right. #
  • Rest stop in GA frolicking in the grassy fields of dog poo. #
  • Gas at the Dadu Mart. Haven’t seen candy cigarettes in quite a while. #
  • Feels welcome in Tennessee #
  • No changing tables in either bathroom?!? Surprised they have indoor plumbing. #
  • Rumble strips are a great way to keep the wife from snoring. #
  • Movies and road trips — seems like there’s always a kid behind me kicking my seat. #murphy #
  • Free air here? Unheard of! Now what will I spend my surplus quarters on? #
  • What’s with the blaring music? Dance party in the Sheetz restroom! #
  • Don’t try to understand em Just rope and throw and grab em Soon we’ll be living high and wide Set em out Ride em in Let em out Cut em out… #
  • @kbhave Congrats! in reply to kbhave #
  • Workday finally done. Time to go prepare the kids so we too can “maroon perishable comestibles” (@ShawnCarnell) all over the family vehicle #
  • @kplawver Not when there’s Zazz! in reply to kplawver #
  • Three meetings away from vacation. Can we please have these outside? #
  • Surprise happy meal toy delivery. Begging for french fries outside my wife’s car. Feel like a monkey. #
  • Which is less effective? Old-formula DayQuil that’s 10 months expired, or fresh new-formula DayQuil? #
  • playing with Pandora for BlackBerry and wrapping up some work #
  • Congrats on the Facebook integration! RT @electromute from @techcrunch, Gnip Adds Facebook Data To Its API Mashup in reply to electromute #
  • @SGChipman serves you right for being a perfectionist in reply to SGChipman #
  • Passing the peas for Maceo. #
  • @unhuman @machvee @primerano but it still won’t be the same if middle finger puppet doesn’t randomly shout out expletives. in reply to unhuman #
  • @kbhave Dark cave filled with feral programmer grunting? Yep! I bet @kgiff @primerano @shallowdotcom @benjabennett @justkirk & I miss it too in reply to kbhave #
  • @primerano & @kgiff will just have to drive here on Mondays and Fridays. I’ll show them the best local free WiFi spots for WFH, WFC, and WFL #
  • Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars. #
  • Browser wars were so ’08, but finally playing with Google Chrome. #

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