Monday, May 18th, 2009...8:43 am

Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars. And our math isn’t like your math.

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Really just figuring out the best size and aspect ratio for embedded videos here. But this is a pretty cool ad for Intel, too.

If you start browsing around on video sites like YouTube, you’ll see all sort of aspect ratios. Not just fullscreen 4:3, widescreen 16:9, and cinematic 2.35:1. You’ll also see any number of sizes that people used to try to compensate for YouTube when they forced all uploads to 4:3. This particular video, a professional clip contracted by Intel, works best, with no black borders, at 533×325, which turns out to be a little bit narrower than 16:9 — 1.640 instead of 1.778. The first player below is 1.640, and the next one is set to 1.778. You might have to hit play to actually see the aspect of the video. See what I mean?

Finally, the third player is the aspect ratio YouTube recommends in their “embed” snippet: 425×344, which is actually narrower than even the narrowest standard, 4:3. 1.235 instead of 1.333. So what gives? Somebody want to explain this to me?

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