Sunday, May 17th, 2009...11:59 pm

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

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  • has his butt in the smoker. 9 more hours til yum. #
  • Beta test AIM 7 #
  • Thinks MapQuest, Google Maps, or even Yelp could do a better job of helping me find nearby coffee shops or book stores with WiFi. #
  • @ErinSlick Bad trip. in reply to ErinSlick #
  • @munsun Thanks! We were trying to find space for interns just this week! in reply to munsun #
  • @jaynawallace in @unhuman’s defense, he’s quite capable of being “that guy” even _with_ a shirt! :) in reply to jaynawallace #
  • enjoyed the party celebrating the 100% roll out of the new AIM web chat product: Great shrimps and beers! #
  • wonders if she wore that dress on a dare #
  • wow! is the raciest AOL portal ever! #
  • I’ve had it with the random hotties! #
  • Incredible number of impressions! Many thanks to the person who clicked an ad. Total Earning: $0.01 Bye Pixnay Random Hottie. Bye AdSense. #
  • is bummed he missed the Hu cookies. #
  • Yay! @evernote The 3 words you’ve wanted to hear us say: Evernote…for…BlackBerry in reply to evernote #
  • Watching too much hockey lately. Almost checked someone in the elevator this morning. #

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