Tuesday, May 12th, 2009...9:15 am

Programming Job Trends Part II

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It’s amazing how fast two months can fly by when you’re living on panic and adrenaline. This would have been my first week at a new company if I hadn’t jumped to a different lifeboat a couple of aisles over. I’m pleased that some of the folks from my last team managed to make a similar move, because they really love the company enough to stick around and keep trying for a comeback. I’m also just as happy for the folks who took the opportunity to move on to new adventures — from established industry giants to daring little startups.

This new role for me promises to be an interesting change back to my roots in the industry doing B2B work 12 to 18 years ago, blended with community and social networking work I’ve been doing over the past 12 years. The fun part — the learning curve — will be in picking up some new client development skills after so many years of focus on host-side open-source infrastructure architecture. I’ve renewed my MSDN Universal subscription and started playing with Visual Studio for the first time since version 97, and I’ve dusted off Xcode with the hopes of also working on the OS X platform.

Just yesterday I was given a healthy dose of executive vision and I’ve started to come to terms with the nightmarish series of events that started over a year ago to eventually land my portfolio of community products in the hands of disinterested slumlords. Those communities either needed a cash infusion for revitalization or they needed to be condemned, evacuated, and razed. While I still believe our original plans would have resulted in better homes for far less money than the new neighborhood that has since sprung up, I’m relieved to finally be done playing superintendent to the teetering old projects.

So now I’m on a new adventure with a new evolving role. I’ll get to pick up new skills, show my creative and innovative side, and see the tangible results of my efforts. It’s not as much of a change as a move to a new company would have been, but it still promises to be fun and exciting work. Hard work. The best kind.

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