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Programming Job Trends Part I

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Just a few words of encouragement for my departing colleagues. I’ve spent a lot of time lately mulling over what I’d really want to focus on next, after I’m no longer bogged down in outdated proprietary technology. So I pulled together some 10-second “statistics” from and I thought would be nice to share.

I should note that the .NET results on Indeed are a little off — seemed to be picking up all listings with the word “net” in them. So don’t you worry, Java coders, you haven’t quite lost the race. I should also admit that the search for c/c++ is a little lame — but it really is difficult to get accurate results searching for the letter “C.”

And don’t be too surprised by these growth rates. Percentage growth from “practically zero” always looks phenomenal.

I’ll admit I was a little surprised at how popular .NET has gotten. If I had been forced to guess before looking, I’d have placed it around where the red PHP line is. In the DC area, with all the government work, I’d expect .NET to be even bigger than the national numbers, but the very last two tables tell a different story. Most of the rest of the results probably won’t be huge shockers to you.

I’ll post some of my interpretations of these trends and some personal and second-hand experiences in the DC area in a follow-up post or two.

java, .net, c++, c/c++, php, python, ruby, erlang Job Trends graph

java, .net, c++, c/c++, php, python, ruby, erlang Job Trends graph

search results (2009-03-08) – nationwide
Java – 8719
.NET – 5220
c++ – 4269
c/c++ – 3500
PHP – 1621
Python – 972
Ruby – 473
erlang – 10

search results (2009-03-08) – in area code 703
Java – 459
.NET – 237
c++ – 142
c/c++ – 123
PHP – 44
Python – 34
Ruby – 20
erlang – 0

search results (2009-03-08) – in area code 703 + 202
Java – 614
.NET – 338
c++ – 190
c/c++ – 156
PHP – 67
Python – 34
Ruby – 25
erlang – 0

search results (2009-03-08) – nationwide
Java – 51625
.NET – 68884 (wrong)
c++ – 31498
c/c++ – 13109
PHP – 10739
Python – 7011
Ruby – 3556
erlang – 97

search results (2009-03-08) – within 50 miles of 20147
Java – 8473
.NET – 5998 (wrong)
c++ – 4208
c/c++ – 1837
PHP – 1147
Python – 1083
Ruby – 513
erlang – 1


  • Great post. I wish you guys the best of luck, but you don’t really need it. There’s always a market for super talented people with experience working on products with massive scale.

  • I agree with Kevin. I’ve been out of AOL for about 16 months and, while there are a lot of IT applicants, there are none that compare with the experience for high-scale, fast-paced application development that AOL produces.

    I found .NET adoption really odd. Most people that use it are small companies or larger companies running it and java applications. I have found that non-profits are a great place if you are interested in open-source involvement. Free is free and they are generally open for contributing back to the common good.

  • of course there is TIOBE:

    and try C# rather than .net

    I’ve been out of AOL for 5 years now… I still draw from my experiences there.

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