Monday, March 2nd, 2009...10:27 am

The Complex Manifesto

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Nice post Jurgen!

Instead of working out solutions, I’ve seen quite a few teams bog themselves down in debates over processes, arguments over backlog and bug tracking tools, holy wars about languages, and debates over core hours (which get really ridiculous when it comes from multinational teams).

But teams quite often can’t see what’s right for a particular context because they’re already biased toward a process they already know, a habit they’ve already set, or a language or framework they’ve already mastered. Sometimes the best solution is to have strong leadership come in and squash the bickering with a decision. Any decision on process is often better than indecision or a protracted attempt to find the perfect process.

But beware a consultant who uses the inherent complexity of technology to put fear into their customers — to drive up costs, or to buy more time. I’ve often seen bureaucrats stir up a debate for the sole purpose of buying more time for their men in the trenches to come up with a proof-of-concept or viable solution. But in the end, as long as there are no ulterior motives, it’s better to hear passionate debate than the crickets of indifference.

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