Sunday, February 22nd, 2009...11:59 pm

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-22

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  • @tiredofcrap Thank you. I’ll let you know the next time I’m near the ‘burg. in reply to tiredofcrap #
  • Wow! $65 a month!?! Thank you Barack Obama! That will keep a roof over my family’s head! #
  • thinks dinosaur eggs in the oatmeal are wicked cool! #
  • @Gbro still tucked away in their bubble packaging. Mint condition. in reply to Gbro #
  • @alank Jinx! You owe me a Coke! in reply to alank #
  • @kgiff Try Entourage. in reply to kgiff #
  • @ErinSlick 1965 Shelby Cobra number CSX 3015 in reply to ErinSlick #
  • Wow even the three-month-old cries when I don’t give him kisses the second I walk in the door. The pressure is unbelievable. #
  • @kbhave yes, me too. I’m at the edge of my seat! Riveted! in reply to kbhave #
  • would have been quicker to go out than to wait in line for this stupid microwave #
  • Barack Obama popped my Cursebird cherry yesterday. #
  • @unhuman can say that again! in reply to unhuman #
  • is torn. Stay here and keep playing with decade old C code or face a home ravaged by a stomach bug? Guess I’ll make a detour for diapers. #
  • omg LiveWire reborn! How did I miss this? #
  • @evernote Yes. Thank you! in reply to evernote #
  • In spite of all the speeding tickets (lies! all of them!) I really do appreciate our local law enforcement officers. #
  • Just noticed someone got his panties in a twist when I recommended him for #followfriday 2 weeks ago. Some people have no sense of humor. #
  • Think I found the link of the year. RT @stumpymoose: Barack Obama is Tired of Your Motherfucking Shit #
  • says it takes real balls to steal people’s lunches out of the microwave instead of the fridge. #
  • is skimming 10 year old documentation and dusting off his K&R. C rulez. #
  • @ErinSlick It’s really not a problem with sugar cookies or your tummy. It just takes more practice. in reply to ErinSlick #
  • OH “yay it’s knowing out!” #
  • is now Uncle Dave x 8 #
  • @primerano not this week. I’ll do burrito Monday next week, though. in reply to primerano #

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