Sunday, February 8th, 2009...11:59 pm

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-08

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  • has the kids out of his hair for a while. Enjoying some Radio Paradise and playing with Solr. #
  • effing Maxalt won’t work fast enough, and staring at a computer isn’t helping. Sigh. At least I’m not the only one being unproductive today. #
  • @kbhave no different from the fools we make of ourselves when we stay at the office in reply to kbhave #
  • @unhuman and @bkocik amuse me immensely. I suspect they’re actually the same person. Or clones (baaaa). Or sharing a brain. #followfriday #
  • might sound a little crazy, but he has weeks where he’s enjoying what he’s working on so much that he’s like “Friday? So soon? Bummer!” #
  • lolz @bkocik in reply to bkocik #
  • great. more cat pics from @bkocik in reply to bkocik #
  • @rgonia NO, I think they were made of horses. in reply to rgonia #
  • Mark Twain awards are a posthumous roast of Carlin? OK. #
  • mmm baked potato, I’ve been dreaming about you all day #
  • @jvaleski nice find. Dig the “Turn me up.” dial. in reply to jvaleski #
  • team player with a “killer instinct” #funnyjobreqs Must be Blackwater hiring Ruby developers again. #
  • @ErinSlick jab your other eye with your finger. balance it out. in reply to ErinSlick #
  • @unhuman @juliegb No, not the blue swirlies. That would be a blueberry bagel. in reply to unhuman #
  • team player with a “killer instinct” #funnyjobreqs #
  • @unhuman I think lithium will clear out the voices, too. in reply to unhuman #
  • @kplawver Great album! in reply to kplawver #
  • @qwerty823 awesomeness is measured in Norrisses in reply to qwerty823 #
  • is the one who stunk the third floor up with his lunch of cabbagy goodness. #
  • woke up to a junkyard band marching through the house. #

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