Sunday, February 1st, 2009...11:59 pm

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

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  • is happpy he doesn’t have to suffer through any more stupid commercials. #superbowlads #
  • Hah. What a great game! #
  • @ErinSlick almost as creepy as the talking babies in reply to ErinSlick #
  • @ErinSlick wow I thought the talking flower was the funniest one so far. must be a guy thing. :P in reply to ErinSlick #
  • holy cow #
  • is catching up on laundry and cleaning. Yay weekend! #
  • just wasted thirty minutes on an Erlang “compile error” only to finally realize he had introduced curly quotes into his code #feelingamateur #
  • @primerano can sleep on my floor. But you’ll still have to figure out the 1500 miles from here to Austin. in reply to primerano #
  • has been listening to crying babies, twos, and threes since 8 a.m.. When do i get to go back to work? #
  • Every single link google gives me results in a 403 or 502. Trying to remember what I used before Google. Hello AltaVista. Did you miss me? #
  • is back from the Air and Space Museum. Sipping tea and putting on Pineapple Express. #
  • actually a pretty fun presentation from Zed Shaw: #
  • is getting the boys ready for the Air and Space Museum #
  • Who ate all my chips? #
  • compiling git #
  • has magical burping hands #
  • @unhuman I feel a “who moved my cheese” skit coming on. in reply to unhuman #
  • says “Oooh! Pretty snow!” He can say that because he only has a five mile commute. #
  • is replacing RHEL with CentOS on his dev box #
  • @unhuman I had absolutely no problems. configure; make; make install; Did you jiggle the thingy? How about the README? in reply to unhuman #
  • was glad that was real @bkocik because eating with fake @bkoclk would have been awkward in reply to bkocik #
  • Wow. How does @zefrank follow 18,420 people? What do you use to filter the important tweets? #

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