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Who you voting for David?

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David is back from a brief survey of the neighborhood. 50:50 ratio of McCain and Obama signs. And lots of candy.
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David Wiles Kotch
at 7:49pm October 31
So you blind zealots who "just can't understand why anyone would vote for the other guy" apparently don't know your neighbors.

Michael Cullinan at 9:01pm October 31
Who you voting for David?

Coke or Pepsi? Is that really a choice? Normally, I’d vote for the fellow who stands closest to the moderate fence I sit on — the candidate who will work most effectively across party lines and make the best COMPROMISES for a diverse country. The choice would have been a no-brainer if McCain 2000 had happened. The country won’t succeed when it is polarized over the differences — it has got to be more about getting things done. But now, the McCain campaign has made some silly choices, and on the other side the radical cult-like following for “change” turns my stomach, too. Both candidates offer change and improvement — the only difference is in the marketing.

I honestly won’t be unhappy with either man, but only time will tell what they’re able to actually accomplish. Most of the divisive issues thrown around in an election year aren’t even in the hands of the executive branch, anyway. And both men are, after all, just politicians catering to voters right now. Nobody should be surprised when promises aren’t fulfilled. Politicians are not like “us,” no matter how much they want you to believe. They’re a totally different animal.

If you had asked me two months ago, I probably would have gone red. Compromise over change. Experience over youthful passion. Someone who thinks for himself and works with the opposing party when they’re doing the right thing over someone who votes along party lines 97% of the time. I find it difficult to get all fired up over a first-term senator, no matter how charismatic. But now, because of recent developments, I’m probably voting blue next week, and my wife might still vote red. But I completely understand and respect her decision and the decision of half my neighbors. I don’t have tunnel vision and I can completely empathize with the other points of view. The view from the top of the fence is quite enlightening. And if the other guy wins, I really won’t mind. I’m not going to scowl and storm out of the restaurant just because they serve Pepsi.

Those of you who don’t see through the illusion of choice can spend the next 4 years bitterly complaining and pointing fingers if the “wrong party” wins. Or you can work to understand your neighbors and come up with the best compromises that leave the majority of the country the least unhappy. Show some passion for the middle, where the majority really stands. Then fill congress and your local government seats with the best men and women, and nominate a presidential team that isn’t so radical the next time around.

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