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Well, no, that’s my wife using her Sidekick. She’s really more of an equal partner than a sidekick. Here she is, six months pregnant, supposedly relaxing on vacation, but instead she’s trying her best to understand my fascination with gadgets and technology. Normally, she’d have a $20 phone with a single “call” button on it. No bells, whistles, menus, dials, or memory. Instead, she’s got this gadget with a full qwerty keyboard that does e-mail, 3 flavors of instant messaging, SMS, browsing… the works. Why? Because she’s trying to “get” me and the things I do in my career. What an amazing woman — carrying my baby and my phone.

The funny thing about this picture is that she tries to pretend to be a Luddite. She’s always telling me to get off the computer or yelling at me for playing with my phone. She wouldn’t even have a Twitter or Facebook account if I hadn’t walked her through the process step-by-step. But then she’s the one who starts to sweat when she goes too long without TV or a phone. She insisted I take a break from technology on this vacation, and here she is getting frustrated because she has no signal in the middle of a gorgeous park.

Well, you gotta love her. She brings some balance to my life. Otherwise, I probably would never step away from my computer. Now, at least, I watch a little bit of TV, too.

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  • I have to admit that Dave’s right about the phone. My big goal with them is to have the loudest ring tone, so I can hear it from inside my purse. Dave’s personal ring tone is a fire truck siren, because the boys love “weeooohs” aka fire trucks and they giggle when he calls.

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