Saturday, August 9th, 2008...10:03 pm

Pixnay’s Finest Charts

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Here’s a quick script I whipped up for the People Networks editorial staff. It uses the feed that Pixnay provides, but organizes and pretties them up for a quick scan of the latest big winners. The editors were using this for a while to scan for members to use in promotions, People Connection photo galleries, then later for Bebo photo galleries.

Here’s a feed of Pixnay’s hottest women by age group and scoring period. Click any image to jump to a profile and play. Warning!!! Slow!!! Up to 2520 images will load. I apparently still need to fine tune my feed parser, since there are a couple of glitches in the output.

Update: This was killing my server, so I improved it, then eventually just took it out. But you can still view the Pixnay Greatest Hits one at a time, randomly, in my next post here.

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