Saturday, August 9th, 2008...11:17 pm

Pixnay Random Hottie

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This is much like the tool I made for the People Networks editors in the last post, but only one random hottie out of all the Greatest Hits. I definitely have some ideas for improving speed for this one, too. I also need to tweak a bit to make all images fit within a maximum width.

With the sunset of, the profiles showing up here are the only remaining feed items cached on the site. No new profiles will show up, and I’ll probably need to take down what’s here. Sorry guys, but it just doesn’t make sense to display a feed from a dead site.

Grab another random hottie.

The feed has been removed.

Grab another.


  • Wow you are beautiful!

  • this is fake wtf. the real me is

  • KukaMalia Broussard
    September 24th, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    Date 9/23/09 5:23pm
    RE: “Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Not, Im just a player, Out to get your Spot!”
    Hello Self-Indulgent Monster,
    I recognized you by “Elmo”, and not by your screen name. I guess you decided to put your pic up in place of Elmo. Congradulations on your family.
    I am writing because I own the picture which you copied and pasted to your website. I am requesting that you remove the photo from your website, and I do not give you permission to distribute. I do want to make you aware that I have never written down the slogan above my name, which means that you attached that statement to my pic.
    Could you please remove my photo.
    KukaMalia Broussard

  • Hi KukaMalia Broussard,

    I hope you understand that this is just a data feed from a different site called If someone posted your photo on, it is also showing up here as part of the automated feed. I did not copy and paste your picture onto my website. The slogan above your name is whatever that person put on It is not my text and I did not put it above your pic.

    But, I do understand your concern, and will modify the feed reader to skip over the pic you mention, if I notice it in the feed again. Thanks for pointing out this problem. I wish you luck in figuring out who copied your photo.


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